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Are you looking for translation services at a reasonable price?

Do you have no time for unnecessary formalities?

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No longer do you have to leave your office to order translation services. We save your time and money.


Why choose us?

When you entrust your text to us, you can be certain that it will be translated with great care, professionally, and on time. When dealing with us, you will know instantly how much you will pay: our agency is the only one that provides a quote based on the source text. A finished translation will be sent to you by e-mail, fax, or postal mail (at no additional cost). All you pay for is the translation service. Contact us today to become one of our satisfied Clients.


You can always request a price estimate by submitting your text for a free quote! Send text to us by e-mail: biuro@kumiria.pl. Our pricing is based on the number of characters in the SOURCE TEXT. When dealing with us, you will know instantly how much you will pay: our agency is the only one that provides a quote based on the source text.

We can help You understand the World



Kumiria - in a few sentences:

Kumiria Translation Agency has been operating on the translation market since 2006. We are a translation agency open to change and flexible, striving to meet the needs of the market. Our team consists of a group of translators with many years of experience in translation, including a number of experts from various fields - doctors, engineers, lawyers, economists, scientists. We owe our success to these professionals, people for whom translation is not only a profession, but above all, a passion. We are constantly improving the quality of our services, by continuing to develop the database of translators, systematic expansion of the languages offered, analysis and improvement of the system of verifying translations - all in order to become even better, in what we do. Our dream is for Kumiria to be synonymous with professionalism. The circle of organizations and interpreters we work with constantly increases. The growing number of foreign companies, mainly from the European Union, but not only strengthens our conviction that we are good in what we do. Every day: We can help you understand the world. We open a window to new areas of your business, not just Europe, but the world is your oyster. We offer high quality translations at affordable rates. Always on time. Trust us and use our services. We invite you to cooperation.


Written translations

Every translator has an extremely challenging task to face: he or she repeatedly makes difficult choices to create a work which is not merely a poor reproduction of the original text. Every translator must be "transparent" for the reader, who should forget about the fact of translation. We are a team of well-qualified translators, providing our clients with professional translation services - you can be sure we know the ropes. We provide written translations: General, specialised and certified.

General translations

General texts, usually of informative nature, do not require the knowledge of specialised vocabulary on the part of the translator. General translations include such texts as personal and business correspondence, trade offers, CVs, cover letters.

Specialised translations

Specialised translations are characterised by the language of a specific professional environment. Not only do they require fluency on the part of the translator, but, above all, the knowledge of specialised terminology, as well as suitable education and qualifications. Specialised texts include:

  • technical
  • texts related to advertising and marketing
  • manuals
  • academic and economic texts
  • automotive industry
  • IT
  • agriculture and ecology
  • history of culture and art
  • literary texts

Certified translations

translations that need to be formally verified for use as an official document. In the text of a certified translation, each part of the original text is given a special description, i.e.: footnote, postscript, seal etc. Every translated page is stamped and signed by a sworn translator (i.e. a translator who is duly authorised to translate documents for official agencies, courts, the police etc.) Certified translations include: birth, marriage and death certificates; proofs of citizenship; diplomas and school certificates; wills; contracts; records; notarial deeds; tax and financial, medical, police documents etc. A certified translation page consists of 25 lines, 45 characters each, which equals 1125 characters including spaces. A commenced page of translation is considered a full page, even if it consists of a single line.


More and more often, a fluent command of foreign languages becomes a ticket to success. Since Europe opened its borders to us, there has been a substantial increase in demand for translations. We are an agency which meets these needs, aiming at satisfying the growing expectations of our Clients. Our goal is to further communication and bridge language barriers. We hope that owing to the high quality of our services, available in a wide range of languages, we will help you achieve success in the international arena.

Choosing our services guarantees you:



Entrust us with your documents to be translated and you will soon be convinced of ourreliability. We guarantee linguistic and editorial accuracy of translated texts. Their content will always be faithful to the original.


You don't need to worry about our punctuality. We are prompt. force majeure intervenes, you will always receive your translation on time.


Only our translators have access to your texts. All documents are treated as confidential.Every translator is contractually bound to confidentiality.

Competitive prices:

Permanent cooperation with experienced translators helps us maintain the high quality of translation services at competitive prices.

Few formalities:

As we are an enterprise providing translation services mainly via the Internet, you can easily order a translation from any place in the world. You can make an order and receive a finished translation without leaving home or office. All you need to do is fill in the form and we will take care of the rest. We save your time and money!


We look for optimal solutions together with our Clients. Deadlines and prices are individually adjusted to your requirements, which is why every translation we produce is professional. [Deadlines and prices are individually adjusted to your requirements. We are flexible and happy to meet your particular needs and timings.]

Free quote:

You can always request a price estimate by submitting your text for a free quote!

e-mail: biuro@kumiria.pl